16.3hh 5yrs unregistered Clydesdale mare 

Looking for a BFG? This is your girl! Jessie is a very sweet young mare who has a total heart of gold. She has come to us directly for her breeders in Ireland and was broken out there and then just hacked out, done beach rides and fun things so given plenty of time to mature. She is brilliant to hack both alone and in company and has been super in all traffic met to date with us. She is a steady ride but has enough engine that she’s nicely off the leg and not boring. For a big horse she is a light mover with  has three good paces and with a little more schooling would do a decent dressage test, show as a heavy horse ridden etc. She’s not a jumper as certainly not built for it but perfectly willing to climb over small fences! She hasn’t been broken to drive but would be superb in harness. She has a lovely willing attitude to her work and wants to please, the flat work she has had with us she has absorbed like a sponge and tries her best. She’s not for a total novice as she’s big, still green and forward thinking enough, but equally she won’t scare anyone or do anything naughty. Good to catch, load, shoe (currently barefoot as her feet are like concrete and massive! But she has been shod) , nice person in and out the stable and very friendly. A big genuine mare who will give someone a lot of fun.