14.3hh black HW Irish cob gelding 9 yrs.

Fun all round cob who will make a great hack, low level RC or hunter. 

Smart cob who is a steady ride and more kick on than hold back. He has plenty of bone and is well up to weight. Scottie has been schooled but could benefit from a bit more schooling to get him dressage test ready. He will pop a small fence happily but hasn’t ever had to do a lot of jumping so is still green. Scottie is with us on behalf of his elderly novice owner who bought him from a trekking centre, she has had him several months but he has never really had to hack alone before and so has lacked a bit of confidence, as she is not very strong she hasn’t been able to give him the confidence he needs and she hasn’t always got a buddy to go out with therefore she feels he’s not quite the right match for her. With a more confident rider he hacks out fine on his own but has spent so many years in a big group he would rather do this! ( he’s not nasty, just needs to have a bit more exposure to this from a better rider) He is brilliant in traffic and not strong. Excellent to box, catch, clip, shoe etc very easy on the yard and a nice person, stands like a rock at the mounting block and loves to be fussed. Used to farm traffic and livestock.  Up to date with everything. 

Price includes his tack. Seen at livery.