MILLION  £1800

Full up 14hh smokey black Irish gelding 15yrs. 


Update 6th november- Since putting Million in to more work and with cold, damp, winter weather he is showing considerable stiffness behind. This is likely to be are and work related. Because of this his Irish owner has agreed to drop his price rigt down to find him a good home which he deserves, he is likely to be fine for quiet hacking, teaching a novice to ride off the lead rein but new owners need to consider that if he is asked to do much more or the weather is bad he will likely appreciate having a bute! He won't pass a vetting but has a lot to offer. We aren't currently giving him anything and he is in hacking work 3/4 times a week with us.

Million as his name suggests really is one in a million! This chap is the dream first pony who has a wealth of experience in all spheres. Million came from a family home in Ireland where he did a bit of everything, hunting, hunter trials, unaffiliated show jumping. He is a steady ride with super manners and gives his rider loads of confidence. He would suit almost any rider and will happily introduce a rider to learning to canter  and jump and going off the lead rein and give wonderful confidence giving hacks. He has the most comfortable canter that’s very easy to sit to and therefore great for a rider who’s a bit less balanced themselves. I would like to see him in a home where he will just be asked to jump small fences now as he’s quite high mileage and deserves now to step down a level and teach a real novice or enjoy life as a super happy hacker and have many more years of gentle fun. He comes to a fence in a steady rhythm and is happy to trot or canter in, he won’t over jump or do anything stupid and is that straight forwards he can be jumped round a course of fences tackless! We have been using him to teach one of our novice helpers to jump on and he’s been the perfect pony, safe and steady and very forgiving. Million hacks out very sensibly alone and in company, isn’t strong, silly or spooky. He is happy to live in or out. If I could clone him I would as he’s the pony every child should start on and he will only go to the best of homes where his brilliance will be fully appreciated and he won’t be worked in to the ground! Good to box, load, catch, shoe etc. He has so much to offer his next family.