At NT Equine we love to hear from those of you who have one of our horses or ponies and what you have been up to, please email us with your updates and pictures. Several of our old faces have made it all the way to HOYS and RIHS, both in the SJ ring and showing, so we really do love to be kept updated!



   Hi Natalia! 
I bought Marty off of you over 8 years ago now, thought you may like to see how he’s getting on! 
In these 8 years he’s kept me very safe and taught me lots. 3 years ago he went lame with suspensory ligament injuries in both hind legs, but with a long rehab, he’s back to strutting his stuff and jumping again. He’s 14 now and got him from you when he was 6. 
This is him recently.
Just wanted to say thanks, and if I’m ever in the marker for another pony, I’ll me messaging you! (I secretly quite like the look of crumble that you’ve put up for sale

Hi Natalia
Just thought I'd let you know how we are getting on with Magpie, who we bought from you 4 months ago. He's gorgeous, such a sweet horse and has become a real favourite at the yard. He is so chilled, hacking out alone and with others. We had a small show at the yard a couple of weeks ago and we came first out of 13, in tack and turnout! We also came 2nd in pairs dressage and got a clear round in jumping, so he was an absolute star. We love him so much and can't thank you enough! 
Here is a photo of us winning our first rosette.

Alice Cunnington 

Jackie and George
Hi Natalia, it's Michelle Rice who bought Baley from you in the Winter, just thought I would message you - he's fab, got funny little ways but so straightforward, she won the 85/90 open on him at the weekend and has completely got her confidence back - great pony, thank you, Michelle. Her smile is testimony!
Fleur and Blue (BBS Ski High)

Hi Natalia,


Just to say Captain is as adorable as ever and out strutting his stuff. Once the ground dries up we will be out cross country schooling and - hopefully! - off eventing. Thank you for a great little horse.
Caroline Cross

Cruise (Theo)  is going really well. He likes his cros country! Photo is at Lockinge fun ride today. 

Selena xx



Lara is doing very well and is all settled in now. We have some fun rides booked up soon. I'm taking her on holiday in July to the New Forest and I will send you a photo of her in the pub! 


Thanks Avril.

  I felt I had to write about NT Equine and the services. Natalia and her team of staff are absolutely brilliant. Nothing is too much trouble. My horse had to go there on 2 hours notice due to my loaner letting me down, and this was not a problem, Natalia ensured there was room for him. She gave Jessie some time to settle in to his new temporary surroundings before starting work with him. Natalia recognised what a sweetie he was. When it came time to start work on Jessie they put him through lots of different tests to ensure when they did advertise him the advert was absolutely correct. Jessie is not the easiest horse to handle but that too was no problem. I knew he was difficult to clip, so told Natalia he would need sedation. She arranged for it all and he was done, then a full photo shoot for his advert to go on the site and other websites. 



When I first placed Jessie on sales livery I had stipulated that Jessie needed someone kind but firm and who wouldn’t be pushed about because if Jessie sensed any weakness in his handler he would walk all over them, so really important to find someone that fitted this requirement, plus I wanted to stay in contact with Jessie so the new owner must agree to keep in contact. Natalia sold Jessie with these requirements and within 24 hours of advertising him, Natalia had found the perfect buyer (new mum) for Jessie.


Thank you Natalia for finding Jessie his new family. The new owner regularly keeps in contact with me at least 3 or 4 times a week with messages, pics and videos of Jessie and in a few months once he is completely settled the new owner said I can come up to visit him. 

Natalia went out of her way to find the right person when filtering through all the potential buyers for Jessie and I cannot thank her and her girls enough for the work she put into Jessie whilst he was on her yard. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: Everyone on the yard really cares about the horses they have in their care like they are their own horses, so if you want the right sales livery for your horse or thinking about buying a new horse, I highly recommend you go to Natalia as she will go out of her way to help you find the right horse or new owner. 5 star recommendation!



Best regards



Karen Shaw

A year ago today I purchased this pony from you he is fantastic

Sarah and Caramel

Hi Natalia
Thought you might like to see how Blue Belle and Dolly are getting on. These photos were taken today
during our lesson. Both Blue Belle and Dolly have had a couple of months off over the winter and are just coming
back into work. Blue Belle is growing up beautifully, she is so easy to do, loves people and is an
absolute sweet heart. She still pops out over the fence when the mood takes her, but her stable door jumping
trick has been curtailed by a sturdy grill. I am so pleased with her and we are really begining to understand each other.
This year we have all sorts of plans, Dressage, Showing and maybe a little cross country.
Dolly is settling in very well, she is a very gentle little soul and suits my Sister really well, I think she
is enjoying her new life.

It's now been around seven months that I have had Olive now and she is exactly like you said you would be ! She is an absolute star and I love her so much. Her progress is amazing and we now have started to compete. Thank you Natalia for finding my perfect horse


Perry is everything I've wanted. Yes he can be challenging at times (excitable) but I know him inside out. 

Sam and Perry

Monty is doing awesome! 70.94% today, and all registered now for BD!

Monty and Kim.

Sefton is just fabulous, thank you. He's been an angel. Even teaching beginners and disabled riders, and he throughly enjoys his hacks to the pub! Let us know if you get anything similar